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POS Information
Company name: SETCOR d.o.o.
Seat: Čabdin 73, 10450 Jastrebarsko, Hrvatska
Tax no.: 1212249
Reg. No.: 00124303
Personal Identification No. (OIB): 69149293370
Phone: +385.15500964
Payment methods: Online payment with credit cards: American Express MasterCard Maestro Visa Diners

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Information on products and services

The information on our products and services are described in detail on our web pages and in our internet shop!

Method of data privacy protection

The entry and transfer of personal data as well as data containing the credit card number is protected by the SSL protocol with 256-bit encryption secured by the Monri system for online authorization of credit cards. The credit cards are authorized and charged using the Monri system for authorization and debit of credit cards in the real time.
SSL encryption is a process of encoding of data in order to prevent unauthorized access to such data during their transfer.
It enables secure transfer of information and prevents unauthorized access to date in the course of communication between the user’s computer and Monri service and the other way around.

ItSoft d.o.o does not store the credit card numbers and the numbers are not available to unauthorized persons.

Personal Information Protection and Collection Statement

We undertake to provide protection for the customers’ personal information in the way that we collect only the required, basis customer/user data required for fulfillment of our obligations; we inform our buyers on the method of use of the collected information, we provide them with the option to choose how they want their data to be used, including the option to decide if they want or not their name to be removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns.

All user data are strictly kept and they are available only to the workers that require such data in order to perform their job. All our workers and business partners are obligated to adhere to the privacy protection principles.

Currency conversion statement

All payments will be executed in Croatian Kuna. The amount debited to your credit card will be calculated by conversion of the price expressed in euros into Croatian Kuna at the effective exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. When your credit card is debited, the same amount is converted into your local currency at the applicable exchange rate of the card association. There is a possibility of a slight difference in the amount in comparison to the original price specified on our web site due to the conversion.