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  1. The Terms of support (from now on Terms) are a key part of the Terms of service that the User accepted upon ordering the Service.
  2. The Terms describe the extent of support for the MyDataknox services in order to define what is supported by MyDataknox, as well as what are the responsibilities of the User and/or third parties.
  3. During the Service hire period, MyDataknox has the responsibility to offer the User free user support regarding any problems related to the work of their Services which are caused by mistakes by the server and are connected to the hired Services.
  4. MyDataknox’s regular support is in included in all Services. MyDataknox does not charge for any responses to received technical inquires and/or telephone calls to support, but it is expected from the User that, upon making an inquiry, they respect these Terms.
  5. MyDataknox will try their best to answer all of the inquiries in the shortest time possible and agree to answer all of them within 24 hours from the reciept of the inquiry.
  6. The User agrees that the speed of solution of the User’s inquiries depends also on the completeness of the information that the User provided to MyDataknox upon making the inquiry.
  7. MyDataknox limits their technical support to their field of expertise related to the provided Services.
  8. MyDataknox does not offer support for specific issues related to computer applications such as assistance with programming, design and development of web pages, unless otherwise agreed between the User and MyDataknox.
  9. The User takes full responsibility for the Services that they provide to third parties, that is, their own clients, and is also obligated to offer support to their own clients.
  10. Any additional activity that is not part of the regular, that is, usual activities of MyDataknox support, is charged at the price of 200 HRK per hour, that is, in an amount that is the equivalent value in foreign currencies. VAT is not included in the price. The billing control unit is 30 minutes. Examples of activities beyond normal support include: issues with web applications, installation and/or setup of scripts, etc.


  1. Regular support for web hosting and the reseller hosting Service includes:
    • Active monitoring and safeguarding the operation of the system
    • Safeguarding the availability of the network
    • Provision of safety (antivirus, ModSecurity and additional tools that MyDataknox uses)
    • Free transfer from the account of another hosting provider upon the initial hire of the Service (cPanel to cPanel)
    • Help and solving of issues regarding services included in the web hosting Service:
      1. E-mail server
      2. Apache server
      3. PHP
      4. MySQL/Maria DB databases
      5. DNS
      6. FTP
      7. cPanel
  2. User responsibilities:
      It is expected that the User has a basic level of understanding of internet terms such as DNS, e-mail and FTP
      The User is responsible for maintaining safety copies of their data, unless the Services include backups by MyDataknox, or otherwise agreed with the User
      The User is responsible for managing DNS zones for the domains that they own. If the domain is hired at MyDataknox, domain managing support is included.
      It is expected that the User knows the basics of e-mail client configuration. MyDataknox support can assist the User with the most basic settings for an e-mail account, but they do not deal with matters of special configuration done by the User, such as spam filtering.
      It is expected that the User will use a safe form of FTP to connect to our servers such as FTPES (FTP Explicit SSL) or sFTP (Secure FTP) using detailed instructions available among the details of the FTP account in the cPanel.
      The user is fully responsible for the installation and work of all scripts and applications within the hosting account. MyDataknox isn’t responsible for removing any issues and offering any sort of support related to incorrect scripts and applications, unless otherwise agreed with the User or if the support employees decide to offer this type of support. The User is responsible for updating the scripts and web applications in order to avoid work issues and to maintain the safety of the scripts, that is, applications. Regular maintainence of the scripts and applications is a policy by which the User must strictly abide.
  3. Special regulations for the reseller hosting Service:
    • The Users of this Service are responsible for the support for their clients. MyDataknox does not offer support to the clients of the Users of the reseller Service.
    • All requests for support must be made by the User.
    • The User takes full responsibility for billing and providing technical support to their clients.


  1. Regular support for virtual and dedicated servers includes:
    • Active monitoring and safeguarding of the system’s operability;
    • Safeguarding the availability of the network;
    • Assistance and the solution of problems in case of:
      1. Issues in the operability of the server itself that were not caused by the User;
      2. Issues with connections that are not caused by the activities of the User;
      3. Issues connecting to the server (Remote Desktop, SSH, VNC);
  2. User responsibilities:
      It is expected that the User has a basic understanding of the use of the virtual/dedicided server, which includes connecting to the server, setting up the server as well as server usage.
      The User is responsible for setting up the server for their own needs. The User is obligated to care for the stable operability of the server. The User is obligated to case for the security of the server, from access to the server itself to securing the server against malicious scripts and/or applications
      The User is responsible for managing DNS zones and setting up their own DNS server on the virtual/dedicated server
      The User is fully responsible for the installation and operability of all applications within the virtual/dedicated server. MyDataknox is not responsible for removing any difficulties and does not offer support that is related to non-functional applications, unless otherwise agreed with the User or the support employees decide to offer this type of support. The User is responsible for updating the operating system and the application of updates. MyDataknox is not responsible for issues in operability caused by a lack of maintenance of the operating system and applications.


  1. Regular support for the Services that are not listed in points 2-3 of these Terms includes:
    • Safeguarding the stable operability of the Service
    • Assistance with the Service configuration
    • Assistance and solution of issues in the case of issues in operability that are not caused by the User


  1. Premium support is available for the following MyDataknox Services:
    • Virtual servers
    • Dedicated servers
  2. Premium support includes everything that the regular support does, but also includes additional services listed in article 6 of these Terms
  3. The price of the Premium support is 300 Kn monthly, VAT not included, or the equivalent value of this amount in another chosen currency
  4. Included working time of MyDataknox’s support is 3 hours per month with a billing control unit of 30 minutes.
  5. In case this time limit is exceeded, provisions from article 1 paragraph 10 are applied
  6. Unused time is not transferred to the following month


  1. Premium support includes the following:
    • Maintaining the physical hardware, monitoring and replacing;
    • Safeguarding the availability of the network;
    • Free installation of the control panel, cPanel or CentosWebPanel (henceforth Panel) during the initial server configuration;
    • Optimisation of the operative system during the initial system configuration;
    • Free setup of initial security;
    • Free transfer of initial accounts from remote systems with the same control panel, during the initial server configuration;
    • Maintaining all aspects of the operative system, assistance and solution of all issues related to the operating systems and the standard components of the control panel;
    • The support of MyDataknox’s support, with best efforts and within their ability, for third party applications that do not influence the operability of the Panel or the operating system;
    • Offering remote support is not offered;
  1. Premium support includes the following activities as support for the cPanel/WHM/CentosWebPanel (CWP) and the listed services individually, unless otherwise agreed along with the service;
      1. Initial panel installation;
      2. Initial optimisation;
      3. Version upgrading;
      4. Repair and resolution of issues;
      5. Performing automated updates to the system and/or creating safety copies;
    • MAIL:
      1. Support for maildir or mbox mail formats;
      2. Installation/upgrading/re-installation of SpamAssassin;
      3. Installation/upgrading/re-installation of ClamAV antivirus;
      4. Resolution of issues with e-mail delivery (resolution of issues caused by scanning and filtering e-mails by third party programmes is not supported);
      5. Removing issues with standard webmail clients;
    • WEB:
      1. Recompilation of Apache web servers;
      2. LiteSpeed installation and configuration;
      3. PHP upgrade and recompilation with additional options and/or modules directly supported by the Panel;
      4. multiPHP/PHP Selector delivered with the Panel;
      5. modification of PHP configuration;
      6. resolution of issues and repair of the installation and/or configuration of Apache and LiteSpeed servers/PHP’s (manual setup of Apache configurations and modules outside of the Panel is not supported)
      7. Nginx support is limited to the cPanel/CWP, results are not guaranteed. If an alternative to the Apache is required, we recommend LiteSpeed;
    • MySQL/MariaDB:
      1. Installation of MySQL/MariaDB servers;
      2. Upgrading to newer versions;
      3. Repair of the installation of MySQL/MariaDB;
      4. Optimisation of the MySQL/MariaDB database;
      5. Resolving issues related to starting or connecting with the MySQL/MariaDB;
      6. Returning MySQL/MariaDB to an earlier version is not supported;
    • DNS:
      1. Repair/re-installation of BIND servers (named);
      2. Help and resolution of issues with the BIND configuration;
    • FTP:
      1. Upgrade/re-setting of the FTP server;
      2. Resolution of issues with the FTP service configuration;