Content management has never been easier and simpler.

How to buy SharePoint?

Increase productivity and manage your documents from any device

SharePoint is a cloud-based platform for document management which enables you to create shared document repositories and set access levels.

Greater team productivity
Greater team productivity

The SharePoint document management platform helps you increase your team’s productivity with efficient content sharing in a flash.

Cooperation made simple
Cooperation made simple

SharePoint enables multiple users to work together and jointly create documents and maps in real time.

Video and content sharing
Accessibility and mobility

It’s possible to share documents, calendars, contacts and ideas through SharePoint from any part of the world and any device quickly and easily.

Why you should use SharePoint

  • Video and content sharing

    Easy document sharing

    Sharing information and managing access authorization for users within a company is extremely simple

  • Video and content sharing

    Secure work:

    SharePoint offers all employees a secure communication channel according to predefined rules

  • Video and content sharing


    SharePoint facilitates the development of web applications, such as web pages, intranet and partnership portals

  • Video and content sharing

    Office online server

    Enables basic editing of MS Office documents in a web browser

How you can buy SharePoint

SharePoint comes with the Hosted Exchange for Business package. The package includes Skype for Business, Hosted Exchange and SharePoint. You can configure the package according to your needs, which will facilitate your business operations.

  • Skype for Business

    Skype offers quick live conversations with network presence status options in order to ensure timely communication with your contacts. Quickly and easily switch from a chat to an audio or video conference with screen sharing.

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  • Microsoft Exchange

    Hosted Exchange is a cloud-based platform for a reliable e-mail service without the need to invest in infrastructure or licenses. This option enables you to automatically synchronize messages, calendars, contacts and maps, with high-level security.

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  • Sharepoint

    SharePoint is a cloud-based platform for document management where you can set different access levels. Your team can work on document and map creation together in real time and all alterations will be registered.

Frequently asked questions

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a cloud platform for document management which is available for all types of devices and helps you increase the productivity of your entire team, as well as share content easily. Share Point enables you to easily create shared document repositories and define access levels. Your team can work on document and map creation together in real time and all alterations made on the documents will be registered.

What is included in the SharePoint service?

The integrated options of SharePoint are linked in such a way so that they provide a place where the teams can work together, regardless of where they are located. VPN is not required for connecting to the system. Within an appropriate online interface, colleagues can share document repositories and calendars, make lists that can be reused as data sources, share connections and contacts, manage projects and task lists, create discussion boards, use wiki, provide news feed, create and collect survey results, generate pattern-based workflows, manage the publication of notices and press releases.

Can I use SharePoint on its own, without the Hosted Exchange service?

SharePoint is available exclusively with the MyDataKnox Hosted Exchange service in the Business package.

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