MyDataKnox is a brand of the SETCOR company that has been operating on the Croatian market for almost 30 years.

Our core business consists of IT technologies and their integration to support our customers’ business.
By constantly monitoring new technologies on the world market, we devise new ways to improve the business of the companies we work with, but also our own business, all so that we can provide customers with the highest quality service and maintain their trust.

In short, we strive to use our best technologies and expertise to provide our clients with a complete, reliable and clear solution that will benefit their core business.

We have certified all the processes we use to support the business of our customers according to the ISO 9001 standard, which means that we want to send a clear message of commitment to our work.




The primary goal of MyDataKnox is to offer customers top quality, but at affordable prices.




Our data center has two independent optical routes up to two separate nodes in Zagreb, with a transmission capacity of 160 * 10G on each route.
It is also distinguished by excellent international connections to Vienna, Budapest, Milan, Ljubljana, Belgrade, etc.
The connection to the CIX node is used for faster traffic within Croatia.