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Web hosting packages

For all types of needs – basic websites to webshops

  • Standard web hosting

    For all types of needs – basic websites to webshops

    Starting from

    10,61 €

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  • Advanced web hosting

    Designed for complex websites with a greater amount of visitors and users (e.g. webshops)

    Starting from

    8,85 €

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  • Reseller hosting

    Enables you to create your own tailor-made web hosting packages for your clients

    Starting from

    13,27 €

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  • Radio hosting

    The ideal solution for audio broadcasting to anywhere in the world, for people of all ages

    Starting from

    64,66 €

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Frequently asked questions

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service of placing website on servers that are globally accessible online. In order for your website to display online, its scripts, images and other content must be located on a server which executes your site's code and serves its content to its visitors.

Which hosting package is right for me?

Standard web hosting packages are perfect for less-demanding users in need of hosting for their personal sites, blogs, simple business sites and other similar websites with a low number of visitors.
Advanced hosting packages are intended for more demanding users which require additional resources and steady functioning of advanced web applications, such as web shops, CRM systems and websites with a large number of visitors.
Regardless of the package you choose, all our web hosting packages include, among many other benefits, an unlimited number of domains, unlimited e-mail addresses, a completely free SSL certificate for each of the websites within a hosting package, a simple installation of WordPress and other popular platforms and content, as well as professional support 24/7 all year round.

What’s the difference between web hosting and a VPS/dedicated server?

From the perspective of the end user, the main difference between web hosting and a VPS/dedicated server is the fact that a web hosting service is designed and optimised solely for the purpose of serving websites within a leased hosting package and comes with certain limitations regarding options such as installing your own applications, whereas a VPS server, as well as a dedicated server, is configurable and can be used for a variety of things, such as installing your own business solutions (CRM and ERP systems, cash register systems, etc.).

What kind of web hosting support does MyDataKnox offer?

Our support team is available to you 24 hours a day for anything you might need regarding web hosting. Apart from the standard support we offer related to our web hosting service, we’ll do our best to help you regardless of whether your issue is related to our area of support.

What’s the difference between a domain and hosting?

Simply put, a domain is the address of your websites.
Web hosting is a service of placing website on servers that are globally accessible online and which deliver your websites to their visitors.

Why do I need web hosting?

Why do I need web hosting?
In order for your domain to display content, the content (web pages, images, etc.) must be located on a server which executed your website's code and serves its contents. A web hosting service provides access to such a server.

If I order web hosting today, how much time will it take for it to be ready to use?

If I order web hosting today, how much time will it take for it to be ready to use?
If you’re paying with a credit/debit card or using Paypal, your web hosting will be ready momentarily.
If you’re paying through online banking, i.e. via bank transaction, we’ll initiate the creation of your web hosting account as soon as the amount appears on our account, or as soon as you send us a payment confirmation. In order to accelerate the process of creating your hosting service following a bank transaction payment, please send us the payment confirmation to our e-mail address

Can I exchange a web hosting package I already purchased for another one?

Of course. You can upgrade any MyDataKnox web hosting package to a larger one or choose a smaller one at any time.
All you have to do is request a change of package in the MyDataKnox user system, and the modification will be performed automatically upon payment of the price difference between your existing package and a larger one, or automatically when you request a smaller package.
In case you wish to change the type of your web hosting package, e.g. exchange a Standard hosting package for an Advanced one, our support team will perform the task for you completely free of charge.

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