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If you provide web hosting services, it’s extremely important to secure and stabilise the servers you’re using.
CloudLinux is also ideal if you require user isolation.

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Solutions offered by the CloudLinux OS

Using CloudLinux you create an environment that is more similar to a virtual host than a shared hosting account.
Security is achieved by isolating each hosting user account and appointing host resources individually to each account.

Problem CloudLinux option Solution

Server overloaded and losing resources LVE virtualization Offers you control over server resources, including the CPU, IO, memory, inodes, the number of processes and connections that each individual cPanel account can use

Server breaches and malicious scripts CageFS Isolates every user and makes the users invisible to each other within the system. CageFS prevents a great number of attack, including most attacks through privilege escalation.

The user requires different PHP versions PHP selector Provides flexibility by offering the users all the popular versions of PHP, which enables them to keep old scripts without the obligation to use newer PHP versions or change the code of their website

MySQL server is overloaded MySQL Governor Pinpoints problematic users and limits them in real time; unprecedented in the industry.

Symlink attacks SecureLinks SecureLinks prevents all known symlink attacks at the kernel level.

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Limit resources using LVE Manager

CloudLinux places an LVE virtual environment in every user account for the purpose of maintaining resource control in each individual account.
The objective of LVE is to ensure that no user can take down the entire server.

  • CPU limitation

    CPU limitation

  • Entry process limitation

    Entry process limitation

  • Memory limitation

    Memory limitation

  • MySQL limits

    MySQL limits

  • I/O limits

    I/O limits

  • Inode limits

    Inode limits

  • Process number limitation

    Process number limitation

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