This standard SLA is built into all services that are delivered as standard to the Users.
The SLA applies only to the User-SETCOR relationship and does not apply to third parties, which includes potential end users of the contractual User.


  • “Services”
    Means services ordered by the User and delivered by SETCOR. The services are defined by Agreement.
  • User
    Means a private or legal entity that uses or orders the services of SETCOR
  • “Measured period”
    Indicates the period from the beginning to the end of the month in which the availability of the Service is measured.
  • “Service Outage”
    Means the inability of the User to connect to the SETCOR data centre where the Service is provided. If the User can connect to the SETCOR data centre and access the contracted Services, there is no Service Outage, whether or not the User is able to use its content
  • “Reporting Service Outage”
    Means the Service Outage period defined by the User (expressed and measured in minutes)  during the measured period.
  • “Verified minutes”
    Means the number of minutes of the Service Outage verified by SETCOR. The verified outage is expressed in minutes.
  • “Excluded minutes”
    Means all reported Service Outage minutes that are not directly related to the SETCOR’s actual activity in eliminating Service Outages (communication time, waiting for the User and/or their contractual partners, announced outages etc..) and are therefore not taken into account when calculating the SLA loans. Excluded minutes are expressed in minutes
  • “Qualified minutes”
    Means the sum of all Verified minutes of Service Outage during the Measured period minus the Excluded Minutes. Qualified minutes are expressed in minutes.
  • „SLA Credit„
    Means the amount of fee for the Qualified Minutes of Service Outage due to a failure and/or fault of SETCOR. The SLA Credit is also the only fee that the User may obtain for failure to meet the conditions set out in this SLA. The SLA Credit is expressed in monetary amounts.
  • „Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)“
    Means the time it takes to troubleshoot the Service Outage. MTTR is expressed in hours.
  • „Incident time notification“
    Means the minimum amount of time during which SETCOR takes the reported Service Outage for processing and notifies the User about it. It is expressed in minutes.


Procedure for SLA Credit approval

  1. The authorised administrative person designated by the User must apply for SLA Credit approval based on the Service Outage Report by opening the request through the Customer Support Portal inquiry within 7 dana of the specified Service Outage. The report of Service Outage must include the type and name of the service under the Agreement, the IP address, date and time for which the request is made, error messages (if any), contact information and full description of the service disruption, including logs, if applicable.
  2. SETCOR verifies and determines the Qualified Minutes and the final amount of the SLA Credit, and notifies the contractual User about the amount of the SLA Credit through the User Portal.


SLA Credit value

For each uninterrupted period of 30 Qualified Minutes of Service Outage in the Measured Period, SETCOR will grant an SLA Credit worth 5% of the agreed fee for the Measured Period.

SETCOR will make reasonable efforts to ensure that all planned system upgrades are started and completed within two hours. The system upgrade will be announced in advance through the User Portal.

If the planned and announced system upgrades are not completed within the defined two hours, and it causes a Service Outage with Qualified Minutes, the User is entitled to an SLA Credit with the following values:

Duration of the announced interruption SLA Credit
<2 hours N/A
>2 < 6 hours 20% of the contracted monthly fee for the measured period
>6 < 10 hours 40% of the contracted monthly fee for the measured period
>10 <14 hours 60 % of the contracted monthly fee for the measured period
>14 <18 hours 80% of the contracted monthly fee for the measured period
>18 hours 100% of the contracted monthly fee for the measured period


SLA Credit limitations

  • The SLA Credit and Qualified Minutes are calculated for each Service separately, and no aggregation is allowed.
  • Any continuous or any interruption in the operation of an individually contracted service for less than 30 minutes is not subject to SLA Credit.
  • The validity of the SLA Credit is until the expiration or termination of the contractual relationship.
  • The total amount of an SLA Credit may not exceed the total amount due for the measured period.
  • The User may not be eligible for SLA Credits if they did not settle their outstanding obligations at the time of Service Outage Reporting or did not settle their obligations on time more than three times in the last 12 calendar months.
  • Any Service Outage not reported under the SLA Credit Approval Procedure shall not be considered a Service Outage and no SLA Credit may be obtained under.
  • The User pays the full fee during and after the termination of the Service Outage, and the approved SLA Credit may be used to reduce the fee upon the next offer for Service Extension. If the User does not renew the Service, SETCOR will pay the SLA Credit within 7 working days of the SLA Credit approval.


The use of SLA Credit

  • SLA Credits cannot be sold or transferred.
  • Unjustified or repeated claiming of the SLA Credit by a contractual User means a breach of contractual relationship, and obliges the User to pay a one-time fee of 50 EUR within 15 days from the day when SETCOR submits them the invoice or any other appropriate payment request.
  • Furthermore, any unjustified or multiple claiming of the SLA Credit by the User entitles SETCOR to unilaterally terminate the contractual relationship by sending a written notice to the User.
  • The SLA Credits are not subject to interruptions resulting from force majeure.


Standard SLA times by request type

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

  • Low/informational: no time limit
  • Normal: 24 hours (no major impact and/or related to the individual user influence)
  • Medium: 8 hours (impact on the operation of services where more than 50% of infrastructure is affected and workaround is not possible)
  • High: 4 hours or less (the service is unavailable and there is a potential financial loss for the user)

Incident time notification: up to 60 min.


Other service obligations

  • Public network:
    SETCOR will make reasonable efforts to provide a 100% service level for the public network.
  • Private network:
    SETCOR will make reasonable efforts to provide a 100% service level for the private network.
  • User access:
    SETCOR will make reasonable efforts to provide a 100% service level for the user access.
  • Infrastructure Redundancy:
    SETCOR will make reasonable efforts to provide a 100% service level for the supply of electricity and refrigeration systems.