Veeam Cloud Connect

Offsite backup of virtual and physical servers to remote locations, without complications related to building and maintaining your own remote infrastructure

Configure your Veeam package
Veeam Cloud Connect

Secure cloud-based backup

Store your virtual and physical server backups to remote locations without the complications of constructing and maintaining your own remote infrastructure.
Veeam Cloud Connect offers an integrated, fast and secure solution for backup storage in the cloud repository of the service provider.

Hosted offsite backup

Secure physical and virtual server backup at a remote location using a secure SSL connection

Complete transparency and control

The data is accessed and recovered directly through the backup console. Monitoring the repository space usage and setting reminders for space expansion according to predefined thresholds.

Modern backup architecture

Veeam technology includes a backup copy with built-in WAN acceleration, forever incremental backups and GFS (grandfather-father-son) backup retention policy in a single product

End-to-end encryption

Encrypt your data before they leave your environment, during backup and in the backup storage repository, with no negative effects on the data reduction ratio due to the built-in compression and WAN acceleration

Veeam Cloud Connect

Choose the number of virtual backup machines and the size of the backup repository.
In case you subsequently require extra repository space, simply request an increase of capacity.

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    Number of virtual servers


    Backup space


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Prerequisites for using the Veeam Cloud Connect

Mydataknox Veeam cloud backup

Veeam console

The user needs to have a pre-established backup of their servers using Veeam, i.e. a Veeam console enabling connection to the Cloud Connect service.

Mydataknox Veeam cloud backup

Virtualization platforms supported by Veeam

Veeam can perform backups of virtual machines through VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platforms

How users connect to Veeam Cloud Connect

Using their Veeam console in their environment, the user connects to the service provider’s infrastructure through a secure SSL/TLS connection, where they lease a dedicated space and store their backup data.

MyDataKnox Veeam Backup structure

If you need a complete Veeam solution, send us an inquiry  ovdje

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