Even in case of a disaster, R1Soft backup keeps your website and data safe

Get additional data protection for virtual and dedicated servers

Choose R1Soft Backup
Even in case of a disaster, R1Soft backup keeps your website and data safe

Additional data protection – R1Soft Backup

R1Soft backup provides additional security to virtual or dedicated servers and your data. You can easily recover your websites to a previous version or retrieve an accidentally deleted e-mail. Choose the features that suit you best:

  • R1Soft Backup

    Starting from


    45.21 KN

    per month

*You can expand your backup space to suit your needs at any time

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Get a copy of your server momentarily

Get a copy of your servers and stored data for Windows and Linux servers quickly and easily

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You choose the storage interval

Create daily of weekly copies of the entire server

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Complete management

The control panel provides for extremely detailed management. You can adjust the options, view stored data and return selected data back to the server.

Benefits of the R1Soft backup

  • MyDataKnox R1Soft backup

    High-level data security and protection

    MyDataKnox R1Soft backup stores the data to a cutting-edge enterprise equipment using strong data encryption.

  • MyDataKnox R1Soft backup

    Quick disaster recovery:

    Even in case of a disaster, R1Soft backup keeps your website and data safe.

  • MyDataKnox R1Soft backup

    Advanced backup

    R1Soft backup will create a backup copy of the entire server once, and afterwards identify and backup only new data. This enables a quicker backup process without overloading the server.

  • MyDataKnox R1Soft backup

    High performance

    Sector-based backup increases bandwidth and reduces load, so the copies can be made at any time without interrupting the server processes, even on loaded servers.

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Frequently asked questions

What is bare-metal restore?

Bare-metal restore is a quicker recovery process where all data is recovered, instead of recovering file after individual file. This function enables you to recover the integral backup copy of the server. Thanks to this kind of data recovery, it’ll be easy to restore the complete copy of the server, including:

  • partitions
  • the operating system
  • installed application
  • server settings
  • drivers, etc.
What is R1Soft backup?

MyDataKnox R1Soft backup is a service which enables you to periodically store data on a central server located at our high-quality data centre. R1Soft is constantly monitoring your disks, tracking changes and making backup copies solely of the changing elements. You manage the service and backup copies using a web interface which enables you to recover and download individual files from the backup copy, perform a full bare-metal data recovery and a lot more.

How does R1Soft backup work?

In order to activate the R1Soft backup service, all you need to do is to install the R1Soft client software on the server you want to backup. Afterwards, the R1Soft makes copies in the following way:

  1. first, a complete copy of your server is made
  2. the R1Soft client is constantly monitoring all changes on the disks within your server
  3. each subsequent time a backup copy is saved, a snapshot is made and only the changed data is sent to the cloud (incremental backup).
How many servers can I link to the R1Soft backup service?

The MyDataKnox R1Soft backup service enables you to create a backup copy of up to two servers. You’ll select the number of servers that you wish to link to the service (number of agents) upon placing your order.

Can I use R1Soft backup on virtual/dedicated servers?

Sure, You can use R1Soft backup with virtual and dedicated servers.

What are the advantages of the MyDataKnox R1Soft backup?

Our R1Soft backup solutions offers some crucial options:
Whereas conventional backup solutions secure data by storing it on the same server or an external disk, MyDataKnox R1Soft backup keeps your data secure by storing it on enterprise equipment in our data centre.
Recover the complete server data without a second thought!
Unlike with conventional solutions, MyDataKnox backup eliminates the need for disk partition and installing an operating system before recovering the data from the backup copy. All your files, databases and applications will be restored to the server in perfect shape, like nothing ever happened.
Sector-based backup increases bandwidth and reduces the server load. The servers can be completely operational and the effect on the performance during backup creation is minimal. Backup copies can be made at any time of day without interrupting the server processes, even on loaded servers.
Incremental backup can distinguish which disk sectors have been modified since the last backup and will backup only modified and new data. A smaller amount of backup data makes for a significantly quicker backup process.
All data is stored and recovered under strong encryption.

What is incremental backup?

Incremental backup enables you to accelerate the process of creating backup copies, after an initial complete server backup has been performed, by sending only modified and new data to the backup repository. A smaller amount of backup data makes for a significantly quicker backup process.

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