These Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Account are an integral part of the Terms of Service and together form a Service Contract between SETCOR d.o.o. with seat at the address Čabdin 73, 10450 Jastrebarsko, PIN-OIB: 69149293370 (“MyDataKnox”) and other contracting party (“User”) in the context of hosting the User websites, storing the User data and other online services provided by MyDataKnox (“Services” ).



  1. Meanings of the terms used in this Contract:
    • Setcor, Company, MyDataKnox: SETCOR d.o.o.;
    • User website: Company’s website at;
    • User, Client: private or legal entity that registers on the User website through the process of registering or ordering the Services;
    • Service: Service offered by MyDataKnox to existing and new Users;
    • Affiliate account: MyDataKnox Service that enables User to achieve commission from selling MyDataKnox Services and products according to the regulations specified in these Terms;
    • Partner, Partner: the User who has activated MyDataKnox Affiliate Account;
    • Partner designation, SID number: Unique numerical designation granted to the User when activating the Affiliate Account;
    • Affiliate link: A term that refers to a link (a link between two websites) that a Partner places on his/her website and that leads a new user to the Company’s website;
    • Reward: The commission earned by the Partner by bringing in new users through the Affiliate link
    • Visitor: Any person who visits the Partner’s website or any other service that displays the Affiliate link



  1. All Users are enabled to create the Affiliate Account.
  2. An Affiliate Account is created by the User by visiting the User pages and activating the Affiliate Account.
  3. By creating the Affiliate Account, the SID number will be assigned to the User for the purpose of identification of the Partner in the Company’s system.
  4. The Affiliate Account may be closed at the request of the Partner and in case of violation of the provisions hereof.
  5. The Partner is obliged to send a request for closing the Affiliate Account by e-mail to or by sending a query to MyDataKnox Customer Support via User pages.



    • By activation of the Affiliate Account, the Partner shall accept all provisions of these Terms.
    • The Partner agrees to promote the Company’s Services in accordance with the law and the provisions of these Terms.
    • By accepting these Terms, the Partner agrees to use his/her Affiliate Link only on websites that exclude any content that may be contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Croatia and/or international legislation accepted by the Republic of Croatia.
    • The Affiliate Account allows the Partner to gain the Reward by promoting the following MyDataKnox Services:
      • Web hosting
      • Reseller hosting
      • VPS servers
      • Dedicated servers
      • Cloud backup
      • Premium support
    • MyDataKnox shall generate to the Partner an SID number when activating the Affiliate Account.
    • The Partner agrees to use the unique Affiliate link shown on the User pages.
    • The Partner shall use his/her Affiliate Account by placing the Affiliate link on website or other service which directs the Visitor through the Link.
    • When the Visitor clicks on the Affiliate link, the Visitor will be directed to the Company’s website and cookies shall be stored on the Visitor’s computer, which ensures that the Reward will be credited to the Partner if the Visitor leases one of the MyDataKnox Services for which the Reward is attributed through the Affiliate Account.
    • A cookie stored on the Visitor’s computer is valid for 90 days. If the Visitor leases any of the MyDataKnox Services for which the Reward is attributed through the Affiliate Account within this period, the Reward defined by these Terms shall be awarded to the Partner.
    • MyDataKnox is not responsible for any inability to track the Visitor caused by technical problems, settings of the Visitor’s Internet browser, clearing cookies manually by the Visitor or the improper use of the Affiliate link.
    • The Partner shall earn the Reward only through the purchase of MyDataKnox Services made by Visitor who visits MyDataKnox website through an Affiliate link.
    • The Reward cannot be earned on orders generated by own Affiliate link, which means that the Partner cannot use his/her own Affiliate link to earn the reward for paid invoices.
    • MyDataKnox shall provide the Partner with a detailed view of Visitors directed to the Company’s website through the Affiliate link and the total amount of the Reward.
    • The Partner shall earn the Reward of 10% of the net amount of paid Services that meet these Terms, for each MyDataKnox Services order made through the Affiliate Link.
    • The Partner shall earn the Reward exclusively for the Services covered by the Affiliate Account.
    • In addition to the initial payment of the order that fulfills these Terms, the Partner shall earn the Reward with each extension of the Service purchased through the Affiliate Link.
    • The total amount of the Reward shall be increased with each Reward awarded.
    • The Partner shall become eligible for payment of the Reward when the total value of the Reward reaches HRK 300.
    • In order to get paid for the Reward, the Partner shall request it through the User Pages.
    • Payment of the Reward shall be made in two ways:
      • By paying the amount of the Reward to the Partner’s user profile, which allows the Partner to redeem the Reward only for purchasing MyDataKnox Services.
      • By paying the amount of the Reward to the Partner’s giro account (valid only for legal entities).
    • To pay the Reward to the Partner’s giro account, the Partner is obliged to submit an invoice to Setcor in the amount of the Reward plus the VAT (if the Partner is in the VAT system).
    • The invoice for the payment of the Reward shall include the item „Commission for contracted work“.

MyDataKnox undertakes to make the required Reward payment within 30 days if the claim complies with these Terms



  1. MyDataKnox reserves the right to cancel the Affiliate Account in the event of the following:
    • Using the Affiliate link in SPAM messages;
    • False or misleading advertising of MyDataKnox Services;
    • Using the Affiliate link on sites that contain inappropriate content or content that is contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Croatia and internationally recognized laws;
    • Copyright and intellectual property infringement;
  2. In the event of an early cancellation of the Service purchased through an Affiliate link that requires a refund, MyDataKnox reserves the right to reduce the Reward of the Partner for the amount that is returned to the User of the Service.