DNS includes

Simple DNS script management

A user-friendly and transparent interface enables MyDataKnox users quick editing of all DNS scripts.

No extra costs

Avoid paying extra for DNS server maintenance. DNS script management doesn’t require special expertise.

Free back of all DNS zones

Backup copies of DNS scripts are stored in the MyDataKnox cloud daily so they're at your disposal no matter what.

DNS free of charge

With your MyDataKnox dedicated servers, VPS servers, cloud, registered or transferred domain, we’ll throw in a complementary DNS hosting service.

MyDataKnox free DNS service

How DNS works

Every domain has its own “address”, and you could say that DNS is a sort of domain address book.
The user types in, for example, mydataknox.com in the browser, and the DNS retrieves the IP addresses related to that domain.
The computer sends the IP address to the MyDataKnox web server, which makes the page content display on the user’s screen.

MyDataKnox DNS scheme

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Frequently asked questions

What is DNS?

In simple terms, we could describe a DNS as a domain address book. Just like you would use an address book to look up information related to a particular person or company by name, the same goes for domains, since they also have an “address”. When you type our address mydataknox.com in your browser, your computer uses DNS to retrieve the data about the IP addresses linked to our domain. Afterwards, your computer requests the IP address of our web server, which, finally, sends the web page to your browser.
To summarise, DNS connects symbolic domain names, such as the mydatakno.com domain, with the IP address of the server where the domain-related content is located.

What is included in a MyDataKnox DNS hosting service?

A MyDataKnox hosting service provides simple DNS script management for your domain if you're also a user of our services of VPS, dedicated servers, cloud or you’re leasing a domain with us. The service itself enables you to easily manage DNS scripts without having to arrange your own DNS server infrastructure. The service also comes with access to a control panel for adding and modifying scripts, free backup of all DNS zones and our useful customer support 24/7.

How is a DNS hosting service used; where are DNS scripts edited?

The MyDataKnox hosting service is used by means of our user-friendly and transparent user interface. Script editing is quick and simple, and daily backup copies eliminate the threat of any errors that might cause operation shutdown of leased servers linked to the DNS scripts.

To use the MyDataKnox DNS hosting service, the domain must be pointed to our user nameservers:

  • mdns1.mydataknox.com
  • mdns2.mydataknox.com
How quickly are changes in DNS propagated?

Zone propagation can last for up to 24 hours, depending on the DNS cache of your Internet provider.

Which DNS scripts can I edit in the DNS hosting interface?

MyDataKnox DNS hosting service enables you to modify the following scripts:

  • A
  • AAA
  • CAA
  • MX
  • NS
  • SPF
  • SOA
  • SRV
  • TXT
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