Define your own resources

MyDataKnox VDC Disk Disk
Choosing VDC

Increase or reduce resources as necessary

You can increase or reduce the processor, RAM and disk you select at the beginning at any time, depending on your current resource needs

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Advantages of a Virtual Data Centre (VDC) against a dedicated server

  • warranty and refunds

    Simple management

    Using a user interface, you can easily manage and modify virtual servers, create new or remove redundant ones.

  • cPanel control panel

    Increased efficiency

    When compared with physical servers, VDC provides equal performance with reduced costs, since there is no need to invest in initial equipment and its modification.

  • Antispam and antivirus protection

    Reduced costs

    With a virtual data centre, you only pay for the resources you spend. You can reduce or increase the leased resources at any moment.

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