Hosted Collaboration Suit

A programme package for successful business communication and work organisation. The package includes Hosted Exchange, Skype for Business and SharePoint.

Configure options
Hosted Exchange for Business

Hosted Exchange for Business

You can configure the package according to your needs, which will facilitate your business operations.

  • Hosted Exchange for Business

    Mydataknox iconHostedExchange

    Mydataknox iconSharePoint

    Mydataknox iconSkype for Business

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What’s included in the Hosted Exchange for Business package

  • Skype for Business
    • Mydataknox iconVideo and audio conferences
    • Mydataknox iconInstant messaging
    • Mydataknox iconPresence and statuses (e-mail integration)
    • Mydataknox iconWhiteboard
    • Mydataknox iconRecording conversations and meetings
    • Mydataknox iconHigh-level work security

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  • Microsoft Exchange
    • Mydataknox iconEasy installation and configuration
    • Mydataknox iconE-mail on all platforms (web, PC, tablet, mobile phone)
    • Mydataknox iconSynchronisation of e-mail, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks on all devices
    • Mydataknox iconRemote deletion of all personal information in case of mobile phone theft
    • Mydataknox iconAntispam and antivirus protection
    • Mydataknox iconE-mail encryption

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  • Sharepoint
    • Mydataknox iconModern web-based interface
    • Mydataknox iconCollaboration and document exchange
    • Mydataknox iconIntegration with MS office tools
    • Mydataknox iconBasic editing in a web browser
    • Mydataknox iconDocument version control (tracking changes)
    • Mydataknox iconContent-based search in different types of documents
    • Mydataknox iconSharepoint web-based interface branding

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Frequently asked questions

What is Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is a cloud platform which provides you with a reliable e-mail service, along with a significant cost reduction, since there are no initial investments in server infrastructure and licenses, and the monthly fee is completely transparent and defined by the number of open e-mail accounts. Exchange offers several possibilities for increasing productivity: from simple access using any device to automatic message, calendar, contact and map synchronization with high-level security and performance.

What is included in the Hosted Exchange service?

Hosted Exchange offers you advanced e-mail options for your business environment:

  • Manage company activities
    You can create as many calendars you need to easily manage various types of activities.
  • Create individual and group meetings
    You can create meetings and promptly send an invitation to the relevant people.
  • Share your activity calendar
    By clicking on the calendar, you can quickly view all the activities and share them with others.
  • Manage contacts and groups
    Add and manage your contacts in a single place. You can create groups for different teams in your company in order to facilitate group communication.
  • Don’t forget the key persons
    Make business cards for key people, so that you never forget who they are and what team or company they are affiliated with.
  • Create and manage tasks
    Hosted Exchange also contains a task management tool. Create tasks and manage your to-do list so that all team members can keep up with the deadlines.
  • Save brief notes
    Your notes are of no use to you if you can’t access them. The exchange of e-mails enables you to save those kinds of creative ideas so that everybody can access them anywhere and at any time.
What’s the difference between a web hosting e-mail and Microsoft Hosted Exchange e-mail?

A web hosting e-mail is linked to your web hosting package and enables you standard e-mail management options (POP3/IMAP). Microsoft Hosted Exchange includes full e-mail control with additional benefits, such as integration with Microsoft Outlook and push service for mobile phones in order to ensure that your data is synchronized and updated for all employees.

I’m using Outlook with a POP3/IMAP account; how would I benefit from Hosted Exchange?

Microsoft Outlook linked to POP3/IMAP enables every user to manage their personal information (messages, maps, contacts, notes, tasks, calendars, rules and notifications), but doesn’t allow sharing them with anyone nor synchronization with other user devices. MyDataKnox Hosted Exchange business e-mail enables you to share all that information within a group of users, which enables you to respond to requests more quickly, to find files and e-mail messages momentarily and to improve communication with your employees, clients and suppliers. It also enables every user to access their data using any kind of Internet connection, thus keeping your team connected no matter where they are.

Do I need my own domain for Hosted Exchange e-mail?

Yes. In order to use the Hosted Exchange service, you need to have your own domain and access to DNS scripts, since it’s necessary to perform certain modifications on DNS scripts.

Do you check e-mail for viruses and spam or do I need to use my own antivirus software?

All messages that go through the Hosted Exchange e-mail service are checked and cleared of spam (inbox and outbox) and malicious code using cutting-edge antivirus solutions. Nevertheless, we also recommend using your own antivirus computer software.

I’m currently using POP3/IMAP account or webmail, can I migrate my existing e-mail?

You can, by using third-party tools, such as Code Two or IMAP Sync, i.e. manually migrating your user mailbox. You can always contact our support team if you need assistance.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a cloud platform for document management which is available for all types of devices and helps you increase the productivity of your entire team, as well as share content easily. Share Point enables you to easily create shared document repositories and define access levels. Your team can work on document and map creation together in real time and all alterations made on the documents will be registered.

What is included in the SharePoint service?

The integrated options of SharePoint are linked in such a way so that they provide a place where the teams can work together, regardless of where they are located. VPN is not required for connecting to the system. Within an appropriate online interface, colleagues can share document repositories and calendars, make lists that can be reused as data sources, share connections and contacts, manage projects and task lists, create discussion boards, use wiki, provide news feed, create and collect survey results, generate pattern-based workflows, manage the publication of notices and press releases.

Can I use SharePoint on its own, without the Hosted Exchange service?

SharePoint is available exclusively with the MyDataKnox Hosted Exchange service in the Business package.

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is a company-oriented service which enables users to communicate via instant messaging, audio or video calls, as well as online meetings for the purpose of teamwork. Skype for Business can be used on any device with Internet access.

What does the Skype for Business service offer?

Microsoft has developed a special version of Skype for companies in order to enable options which standard Skype users don’t require. Some of the essential options of Skype for Business service are:

  • High video quality
    Enjoy the HD quality of video conversations with the option of face tracking
  • Instant messages for faster communication
    Enables you to communicate with your co-workers through messages, which accelerates the exchange of information. It also enables you to check the availability of your colleagues and subsequently call or leave them a message
  • Easy sharing among colleagues
    Skype for Business enables you to share files, even desktops, so that others can see what you’re doing. You can also share PowerPoint presentations and notes, which can be very useful during video conferences
  • Integration with the Hosted Exchange service
    Skype for Business complements the Hosted Exchange service in such a way that it enables you an overview of your schedule and the schedule of your contacts so that you always know who is available and when
  • Presence and statuses
    Providing information regarding your presence is a quick way for other people to see your availability status. Your presence is automatically defined on the basis of your Outlook calendar or you change it manually. You can define the status of your presence manually so that it displays the details you want others to see. You presence can also include a personal note that will be displayed on your contact list and contact card.
  • Highly secure usage
    Conventional consumer solutions regarding instant messaging can make your business vulnerable to third-party intrusions. Skype for Business offers you high-quality Enterprise protection which safeguards the security of your company
  • Mobile phone and e-mail integration
    Skype for Business can be integrated with other communication channels by enabling you to call Skype users and telephones, thus reducing your telephone expenses. Moreover, you can integrate Skype for Business with Outlook and transfer all your contacts with just a few clicks, send a message to your co-workers and even organize a video conference
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