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How much does 1 hour of premium support cost if I don’t have a subscription? What if I use up all the hours included in the premium support service? What are the requirements for a domain transfer? What is included in a dedicated server service? Can I host game servers on my VPS? I’m using Outlook with a POP3/IMAP account; how would I benefit from Hosted Exchange? Who can use and manage a dedicated server? How does my own customer support work if I’m using reseller hosting? What do I get with WHM? What is LVE and what is it used for? Why should I use CloudLinux OS and in which situations? What is web hosting? What is SSL and how does it work? How long does radio hosting activation take? What’s the difference between a domain and hosting? Do you check e-mail for viruses and spam or do I need to use my own antivirus software? What is incremental backup? How much does a domain transfer cost? What is a user account on a cPanel server? I’m confused by the terminology. Can you clarify the differences between VPS, dedicated servers and web hosting? Who is the Veeam Cloud Connect Backup service for? What happens if the number of cPanel users exceeds the number limited by the license? What does JetBackup offer in comparison to standard cPanel backup? Can I try out MyDataKnox radio hosting? What is a nameserver and what is it for? Can I lease an additional amount of listeners? How can I renew my domain? Registering a domain Do I need web hosting or reseller hosting? Can I use R1Soft backup on virtual/dedicated servers? How long does a domain transfer last? Can I change the root/administrator password on my server? 128 kbps bitrate – is that enough for radio streaming? Why do I need a domain? What is MyDataKnox premium support? Which characters can I use in my domain name? What are the benefits of using the Veeam Cloud Connect Backup service? Which hosting package is right for me? What are the limitations of a DNS hosting service? How can I migrate my web hosting content to VPS? What’s the difference between a web hosting e-mail and Microsoft Hosted Exchange e-mail? How can I manage my domain? Which radio hosting statistics will be displayed? Which services is the DNS hosting service included in? What are my obligations regarding domain maintenance? If I order a new VPS today, how much time will it take for it to be ready for use? How many hours of work are included in the premium support service? Is my domain name available? / How do I choose a domain name? What is a VPS server? Can I change the operating system on VPS, and how?

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